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blog - $99

Our blog add-on provides you with a quick and easy way to post up-to-date information about your business, ministry or life! All blogs are designed to match your current website's template.


forum - $99

With our forum add-on, your site can be a place of online discussion. Your new forum will feel right at home in your website, styled to feel like any other page.


e-commerce - $249

Our e-commerce solution turns your site into an online store front. We style your store to match your site and upload 20 products for you. We'll show you how to get orders and to update and add new products. PayPal supported, though additional payment methods can be implemented for an additional charge.


calendar of events - $99

The calendar of events add-on is perfect for organizing group events or even events that require registration. An easy to use interface allows administrators of a site to quickly add events to the calendar.


image gallery - $69

Add an interactive image gallery with this block. Utilizes the Lightbox effect for seamless single image viewing and attractiveness.


document library - $99

Allow your visitors or users to sort, search and manage documents on your website. Upload new documents and have the public listing automatically update. Version control built in.


additional pages - $49 each

Have a site built with us and need a few more pages created? Simply purchase as you need them.


upgrade basic to pro design service - $400

Upgrade your basic web design and development package to a pro account


upgrade pro to elite design service - $500

Upgrade your pro web design and development package to an elite account


upgrade basic to elite design service - $900

Upgrade your basic web design and development package to an elite account


page edits - $49/hour

Need a page edited on your Site Orchard site? Edits are billed at $49 an hour in ½ hour increments. Page edits should be submitted through your client portal or to edits@siteorchard.com

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